Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I started to think how many interesting shots I have taken from the car. I can recall several times when I have used camera in the car, but mostly the photos portray people or action inside of the care, nothing interesting from outside, except this one. I do not know, but for some reason when I look at it it makes me think of two people Assar Jõepera and Jez Coulson, both are photographers, one from Estonia, other from UK. I think it because that photo has old school kind of feeling, which reminds me of Assar's photos and Jez' kind of style taking (candid) photos from's :) Anyway just wanted to tell you "hi" with this :) Enjoy your shots!
By the way it is from 2007 and from near Kallaste!

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Blogger ganges said...

mhm, see mingi põhjus on täitsa piltselge.

11:59 PM, January 12, 2011  
Blogger Kerly said...

No näed siis :)

10:48 AM, January 13, 2011  
Anonymous Jezblog said...

Thanks for giving me a mention :-)) XXXXXX

I love a good picture from the car...... :-))

And good ones of petrol stations ........... :-))

You have combined both :-))))))))

Fantastic :-)))))))))))))) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


5:40 PM, January 13, 2011  
Anonymous Kerly said...

You are more than welcome.
See, this is exactly what I meant with your style! Brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
Take care xxxxxxxxxxx ;-)

9:17 PM, January 13, 2011  

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