Monday, January 10, 2011

Horn-rimmed glasses

I have always been attracted by the people who wear glasses, but I haven't ever given much thought about the glasses itself. Now I am reading from wikipedia, that Harold Lloyd originally made eyeglass wearing popular. In particular, he brought horn-rimmed glasses to the mainstream — his glasses were plastic. In Europe, frames were made from tortoise shell and were expensive. However, in America, plastic framed glasses were much more common because they were less expensive than tortoise shell. I am sure you got a picture of Harold Lloyd in front of your eyes. And who also patched glasses with common adhesives such as glue and chewing gum until he had to replace them. The look could have been the catalyst for society's image of a stereotypical "nerd", who wears thick, black-framed glasses held together with tape. Lloyd influenced young Americans to become consumers of these glasses. So yes, seeing those glasses makes me think of Woody Allen and of Colin Firth in "Single Man", but I can't remember many women wearing horn-rimmed glasses. Some days ago I saw this girl who proved that with an excellent choice of glasses and a nice hair-do you can do miracles. Magic.

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