Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Motel Paradise

Once there was a shop called "Motel Paradise". It was located in Tallinn, in Estonian capital. Whenever I went there I tried to visit the shop, as it has just the greatest inner design from all the shops I have ever visited. The clothes were cool of course, but not exactly my style, though I would love to have many merchandise they had, but it was too expensive. In 2008 they also opened store in Tartu. Nice move. I went there often just to do so-called window shopping. Though just before closing I bought quite many things and I am still very pleased by the comfort and durability of the clothes they sold me. Yes, now both of these stores are closed and no more crazy inner design. But I found out just a week ago, that they have a new shop opened in another location, which at least on online offering the same crazy style. Whohooo! Hope to visit it one day.
Even when there is no evidence of busy life portrayed in the photos of the shop rooms, they still have so much soul and power.

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