Saturday, May 05, 2012

Monk Parakeet

 The nominate subspecies of this parakeet is 29 cm long on average, with a 48 cm wingspan, and weighs 100 g. It has bright green upperparts. The forehead and breast are pale grey with darker scalloping and the rest of the underparts are very-light green to yellow. The remiges are dark blue, and the tail is long and tapering. The bill is orange. The call is a loud and throaty chape(-yee) or quak quaki quak-wi quarr, and screeches skveet.

In Spain Monk Parakeets can be seen only in human settlements in Madrid, Barcelona, Cadiz, Málaga, Valencia, Tarragona, Zaragoza, the Canary Islands and Majorca in Balearic Islands. (Source:

For a Nordic individual, as I am seeing those furry creatures flying all over the beautiful city of Barcelona, made me admire them a lot. We never see anything like that in cold Estonia. Only in the cages of zoo shops...

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Anonymous Katre Karja said...

Nii ilus ja helge!

11:47 PM, November 05, 2012  
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