Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Just by accident, I found these photos which will characterize perfectly the story I am about to write. It is about cycling. For years I have been trying to figure out, why Estonians can't greet themselves friendly on the road, while passing each other on the opposite direction. The case is not, that they both are so involved with their cycling, so they do not notice anything. Wrong, as when you cycle, you notice everything, especially if something moving towards your direction. Oh and they stare, maybe the clothes I am wearing, the bike I am cycling or checking me out as another wannabe on the road OR sometimes they try SO HARD not to notice me, so they look to the distance...Anyway I think it would be just nice and polite to wave, smile or say "Hi!". If I do any of this, their mouths drop wide open and I can see this idiotic surprise look on their face, as they are confused - "Why? Who? I do not know that person, why she said hi to me?!?!?!" Very amusing, but looks very stupid. I always greet, smile or wave, as I think it is polite and gives boost to continue the ride. From hundreds of people I have seen while training, only 2 in years have been faster than me to greet me. Wow.
What is wrong with people not do so, even not to understand the point of such behavior? Is another Estonian still the best meal an Estonian can have?
When the things start to change? Wasn't it suppose to start from the littlest things?.....

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Blogger Neal said...

I always say Hi to another cyclist if I pass them and I always acknowledge another cyclist if we pass each other going in opposite directions. Most of the riders going in the opposite direction do not acknowledge me !!!

7:49 AM, May 03, 2012  
Anonymous Maarja said...

Jap, see tere-poliitika on meil natuke alaarenenud... Aga ma ei ütleks, et ainult Eestis. Pigem tundub see mingi põhjamaade-teema olevat. Iirimaa väikelinnas tervitati naerulsui ka neid, kes sulle jalutusrajal vastu tulid või kelle kõrvale sa pargipingile juustusaia söömiseks istusid. Helsingis seevastu võin ma öelda, et on hea päev, kui naabrinaine minu tervitusele vastab. Üldiselt ollakse täiesti võimeline koridoris vastutulevat inimest sinu kirjeldatud viisil vaatlema, aga tervitussõnu üle huulte välja ei vägistata. Ei, tegelikult on mul ka mõni tere-altim naaber. Ausõna! :D Aga sellised tere-vastased jäävad kuidagi eriti hästi silma.

Samas: põrnika omanikud aeg-ajalt ka lehvitavad üksteisele. Mind aga jätab see konkreetne grupikuuluvuse teema täiesti külmaks - mina soetasin auto sõiduriistaks, mitte grupitunnuseks. Ma loomulikult alati lehvitan vastu, kui keegi mulle lehvitab, aga mina ise ei lehvita kunagi esimesena.

Aga siinkohal ma lehvitan sulle, mu kullakaliis Kerly! ;D

12:05 PM, May 04, 2012  
Blogger Kerly said...

Aitäh mõtete eest, aga mina ei lehvita selleks tegelikult on tunda seda grupikuuluvustunnet. Ma ei tea, see tundub kuidagi normaalne. Natuke teen seda ka seetõttu, et näha nende reaktsiooni :D

Thanks for your thoughts, but I do not wave to feel like one from all the cyclists. I think it feels natural to wave. In a way I do it to check out their reaction :D

1:05 PM, May 07, 2012  

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