Sunday, July 19, 2015

Peeter Volkonski

Peeter Volkonski (born 12 September 1954 in Tallinn) is an Estonian actor, rock-musician, composer. He is a descendant of a princely Rurikid family, and an influential art figure in Estonia.
In 1990 Volkonski founded The Estonian Slave Keepers Party, a musical project.
In 2015 Volkonski was Free Party's candidate in the Tartu constituency for Estonian parliamentary election. He received 916 votes, which was not enough for a seat in the parliament.

Other than that he is one of the most eccentric celebrities in Estonia in my humble opinion. He has style and he has character. Though this photos is not revealing much, Estonians should know while just looking at the photo that the is VĂ¼rst Volkonski.

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