Sunday, April 19, 2015

Alan Prosa

This photo has been rotating in my folder of blog photos for a while, hence the small size as well. As I see the time is ripe now to present it. I like Alan a lot, but it is very hard for you to find any information about him online, as the Google search takes you to nowhere....anyway I had known him not more than just a person in Tartu, until this shoot when I asked him to be the model in my photo class. He is a wonderful photographer, but also a great model. We had fun with him, though he is a quiet man. Wondering how is he doing today? Last time I heard he did photography to Vanemuine theater in Tartu.

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Anonymous sepp said...

Ma teatri trükistes olen näinud küll - väga head pildid. A kas ta ainult Vanemuisele just...? :)

7:21 PM, April 19, 2015  
Blogger Kerly said...

Ei, kindlasti mitte, fotograaf ikka teeb tööd terake siit ja terake sealt :) Mul muu info hetkel puudub.

9:17 AM, April 21, 2015  

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