Sunday, February 22, 2015

Koit Toome

Koit Toome has been in entertainment industry already for 20 years. I first heard him singing when he was part of Code One with another singer. This duo was a bomb!

He has also been representing Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest and doing good while participating in the Dances with the Stars.

Koit has been very busy while playing roles of many musicals, which I have had a chance to see as well. On these days he is busy with Phantom of the Opera musical.

I have met him few times in various events, but the most memorable was when we drank some J├Ągermeister in old Vanemuine while me and my friend Maria we went for a theater play in there. There have been some wild times and that event was definitely one of them. But it as very cool that Koit took it easy and had some fun with us :)

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