Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bad J

Bad J aka Raivo Pedanik, as it is written in his passport. He is another nice DJ I met while doing nightclub photography. He is, as the previous DJ Defkut, into R&B and urban-music. He is originally from Pärnu, but that you wouldn't know if you just know him a little :P By his skills and energy he is putting to his DJ-work you can tell that he has been doing that for some time, actually from 1992 already.

One thing I can tell about Bad J is that he is the greatest and the best poser for photos. The best shots were always of him. I have been using one portrait of him for years and years in my training presentations, so he is often on my mind. Anyway if you ever can choose a party you want to attend, then tr y to go to a one where Bad J is playing.

I have another, my favorite yet to introduce at one point, also an R&B DJ ;)

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