Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Broad Street Line

Coming from a small country subway has never been much of a talking matter. While traveling I have come across many crazy (Paris, NYC, London) and easy (Barcelona, Toronto, Helsinki) subways. Their names always vary, so does the architecture, age and overall appearance as well. US subways have been the most attractive so far, yet I haven't seen those in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. I think that is because these places have been around for a while and have this special feel to them.

Here is a little something from wikipedia.org explaining the beginning of Philadelphia's Broad Street Line, which is the orange line:
Service on the northern half of the Broad Street Line, between City Hall and Olney Avenue, opened on September 1, 1928. While the original subway tunnel had been finished to just north of the present-day Lombard-South station, service to the Walnut-Locust station did not begin until 1930; the Lombard-South station entered service in 1932. Service from that point south to Snyder Avenue began on September 18, 1938. Service to a new park-and-ride station built next to the Fern Rock shops began in 1956, and the line was extended further south to Pattison Avenue in 1973 to serve the recently completed Sports Complex.[5]

The above photo I think captures the idea of the never-ending and cold subway halls pretty well. Human figure on the background adds the perfect touch, the human touch.

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