Saturday, March 16, 2013

Long-tailed Duck


I have had a chance to get to know lives of Long-tailed Duck's a better than ever before, so here are some shots of showing how they are living, how they have fun, dive and hang out together.

The Long-tailed Duck or Oldsquaw (Clangula hyemalis) is a medium-sized sea duck. It is the only living member of its genus, Clangula; this was formerly used for the goldeneyes, with the Long-tailed Duck being placed in Harelda. The Long-tailed Duck is gregarious, forming large flocks in winter and during migration. They feed by diving for mollusks, crustaceans and some small fish. Although they usually feed close to the surface, they are capable of diving to depths of 60m.

The males are vocal and have a musical yodelling call ow, ow, owal-ow.

I can't believe the male ones are so colorful and attractive :O

More from wikipedia.

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