Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Detroit vol.1

 My story with Detroit started after I saw wonderful photos taken of the crumbling city at Denver Post photo blog. I was attracted of the city in an instant. Of course I have heard lots of spooky stories about Detroit, which is very unsafe, especially when the night is taking over. I have heard about the Ford and GM plants closing down, people losing jobs, homes, self-esteem. But hearing people talking about that is one thing, but really being there, even if for a short-while is another thing. 

I had an honor to visit city in April 2011. The given photos and next two volumes will show you how the streets, the emptiness and written words make the city pretty or ugly. I start with the two shots taken on a Sunday afternoon in downtown. Seems pretty empty, no people walking in the streets nor much traffic on the roads. Needless to say that underground Motor City is deserted also...This is when I realized as indeed the stories I have heard are true. Seeing is believing.

To be continued.

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