Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hawk vs seagull

I went to shoot with my friend to an artificial piece of land, which human has created some 35 years ago. It was like nature, I call it nature. Sunny day with lots of birds and out of blue things happening, like the above three shots of a seagull chasing a hawk. Last was sitting peacefully for some time in the ice covering the pond when all of a sudden huge seagull approached it, so it knew it had to take off, so it did and a seagull flying behind it. As you can see by the photos seagull was very furious screaming like a crazy....bird. Hawk made it safely, but who knows who didn't do so safe...  

Ja eestlastele väike info lisaks Eesti Ornitoloogia Ühingust - Veelinnud ei vaja lisatoitu.

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• Kui linnud on tõesti hädas, helista keskkonnainfo lühinumbril 1313.

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