Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Ever since the beginning of this week elections have been going on in a great USA. They are about to finish, with someones grande finale and someones, well, grande loss....The effort and the money what has been put to those elections is mind-blowing, but seems very important at the time, as future depends on that, our choices frame the future. Whether it is small or large scale election it all rotates its usual pattern: meeting people, leaving your promo materials here and there, advertise yourself and most important - get those voices.

Have been waiting a moment for long time to be able to put up this series, with following photos below to show the outcome of the elections and the future, today seemed the right moment for that. Hope you enjoy.

When the elections is over, in a month everything seems to be the way it was before, but those colorful and very proud billboards find another life somewhere else...and were our choices correct after all?

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