Saturday, October 29, 2011

Groundhog family

During my one month in the woods of Quebec, I got to know a family of groundhogs, who were living under the log pile by my trailer. Day first I thought that there is one just by accident, but every time, especially in the mornings, when I was quiet for a long time and I stepped outside and started sneaking towards the log pile, I could see several fur balls doing their things around it. They were very cute and very tiny and quite bold I must say. During the course of time I got to take lots of photos about them, now I am presenting the best of. Usually they are our on their own, or there was just one bolder one who stayed out longer and allowed me to sneak closer with my telephoto lens. Thanks Canon for it. On the last photo you can see four babies, there were five of them and add the mother, who you can see on the second and on the fifth photo squealing for letting the babies know that there is a stranger (me) outside, so take a hike boys and girls. Their teeth can crack wood like a piece of cake. Sometimes I spent just ten minutes looking face to face with one of these cute balls, so that my feet died....Power of animals is so deep. Hope that seeing these photos makes you feel grand emotions.

More about these lovely creatures HERE.


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