Friday, May 06, 2011

Food Inc.

I just saw a documentary made in 2008, which was nominated also for the Oscars, though I am seriously exhausted and sleepy I wanted to do this post and recommend you to see this. It reminds me the movie about A.L.F. which made me to quit eating meat. Food Inc. is good and bad movie. Because it shows the reality, it brings down the veils and makes you really think and appreciate fresh, organic food. Bad because what is going on who really make decisions, how animals and people are treated, work is done only for profit, it is just terribly wrong. It made me even more to read the labels.

These screenshots are from Mr. Bergman´s movie, which title I can`t recall, but anyhow, I thought it would be kind of controversial of consuming and how reality differs from what we buy from the store, of how it was grown.

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