Saturday, July 22, 2006

Pärnu vol. 7

How me and Kadri...

...finally found a place in Pärnu what served noodles

...were enjoying sun on the beach ready for going to a club

...had a rhubarb cake in a retro café

...having a rest on a public part

...visited a botanical garden at midnight

...left Pärnu in the bus station


Blogger Merli said...

Ma ei saanudki sind ära saata :S
olin siis tööl :(

5:10 PM, July 23, 2006  
Blogger Kerly said...

Nuudlilaua ääres ju põhimõtteliselt saatsid ;)

10:59 PM, July 23, 2006  
Blogger Merli said...

Nojaaah. Aga ikkagi :P

2:00 AM, July 24, 2006  
Blogger mari said...

Kerlu, sun on the beach deserves a prize for the reaction this image invoked upon me, thanx x

7:08 PM, October 22, 2006  
Blogger Kerly said...

Hehehheee, so this Oscar goes for me :P

9:20 AM, October 23, 2006  

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