Monday, April 22, 2019

Sandra the bagpipe master

Trad.Attack! is an Estonian folk band. The band consists of Sandra Vabarna (torupill, vocals), Jalmar Vabarna (guitar), and Tõnu Tubli (percussion). They perform in Estonian.

The group started to perform in 2013. The original idea was to form a group performing Estonian folk music, which is inspired by old traditional folk music and also the music of today. Trad.Attack! uses voices from archive recordings as head vocals and composes it with their own original music.

Trad.Attack!’s goal is to perform in every country in the world. Within two years Trad.Attack! has played in 28 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Poland, USA, Germany, Finland, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Denmark, Belarus, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Netherlands, China, South Korea, Malta, Canada, Portugal, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, France, Chile, and Sweden.

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