Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Calm vol. 187 - Reuse.Chinatown

I have managed to put together another photography exhibition of the photos taken in a particular area called Chinatown (Hiinalinn), which is basically a huge guerilla garden. "Reuse.Chinatown" consists of photos shot on film, hand-developed and scanned, which all in some way represent the reusing of different things and materials in Chinatown.

All photo frames are donated by generous private citizens and companies and therefore are also representing the context of reusing.

“Reuse.Chinatown“ appeared from almost thousand of frames, which have been captured in Chinatown. I hope to inspire viewers to reuse materials and to offer the option that perhaps there are ways to mend the broken things or put them to use in a completely new context. In a way this exhibition is also an invitation to visit Chinatown and obtain inspiration from it.

Exhibition is opened until 28th April, every day 10-18 and all photos are for sale.

Read more HERE.

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