Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Holy places

Nations, traditions and also people and their beliefs are so different and that is also why world is so interesting. Here are portrayed the Freedom monument located in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Look how massive it is, how strong the material feels like, it is guarded and at first lance looks like it is not meant for an average visitor, as there are even guards to guard our behavior. 

The latter two photos are taken in Setomaa. It is a region south of Lake Peipus and inhabited by the Seto people. The Seto language is a variety of South Estonian. The historic range of Setomaa is located on territories of present-day Estonia and Russia. Estonian Setomaa presently consists of lands in two counties counties located in southeastern Estonia and bordering Russia. Pechory has been the historic and cultural centre for the Setos. Along with Orthodox Christianity, vernacular traditional folk religion is widely practiced and supported by Setos. They have little prayer housess similar to those what Spanish or Mexican people have, often alongside by roads. They are always opened and waiting prayers to come to visit. It was small and humble and private and with a sepecial feeling to it. Another culture, another way. 

Read more about the Freedom Monument HERE.

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