Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Inxu's adventures vol. 9


Blogger mari said...

Kerly, as you know, I'm not a photographer, but I've always know instinctively what I like and pretty much why`, so if you're happy to share your images I'm more than happy to share my appraisal, or impressions as you say, of them ;p

Colour is warm, sand, sunshine, the colour of honey and for my money, funny ;) I don't know Inxu personally, but I'd say, as I'm puppy minding at the moment, that Inxu is a lot of fun and loves to be loved, just like my puppy ( Mima ) and here Inxu looks a lot like Maris's last visit too, same texture and colour of material and Inxu is pretty much lying down just like Maris, so I am reminded of that wonderful shot which I have still as my wallpaper/background and commented on very favourably by my visitors, it's such a good foto, but I can tell right away that Inxu is about to steal the show, as, like the moon presently, waxing as it is, you see the terminator, or where the light meets the darkness, in much the same way as you do in this superb shot of Inxu, which always has me out looking up and wondering at that place of meeting and if a foto or a natural phenomena has me wondering, then I am very happy, thank you :)

11:03 AM, November 02, 2006  
Blogger Kerly said...

Mari, I am speechless...really. Thank you so much.

Inxu is a puppy indeed, a cute one, but I keep kicking her out of my bed...OFTEN :$ Yeah, I am blushing. So her photos are created just to show what she has to go through...I'm a bad girl.

3:54 PM, November 02, 2006  

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